Mobile advertising

Yappy is the mobile wing of the \ Electric Media group with 100% focus on all things mobile! As ‘omni-screening’ continues to govern our consumer behaviour, Yappy has worked to cultivate products to compliment this shift in media consumption. Focusing on multi-screen opportunities, we work to devise bespoke packages which work cross- platform.

Yappy’s mobile solutions include:

  • Standard display campaigns- mobile web and in-app
  • Interstitial units
  • iPad campaigns
  • Rich Media campaigns for higher engagement

Creative Support and Our Partners

With mobile being a relatively new discipline, Yappy understands that brands may not have external partners for creative support or the build of mobile landing pages as vehicles for campaigns. Yappy offers in-house development of mobile creative to all brands, big or small.

Having introduced Celtra to the Irish market 2 years ago, we can assist with the build of rich media units and are happy to discuss strategy and determine how we can provide a unique and quirky mobile experience for your brand. For examples of possible rich media mobile campaigns, check this out.