What we do

Mediabrokers are the only real-time-bidding network to have access to the \Electric Media portfolio of sites. Combining this with traffic from ad exchanges and external ad networks provides us with 99.5% reach in Ireland and worldwide. We add sophisticated targeting, data and brand safety layers, in addition to applying multi-point optimisation strategies to increase your campaign performance and reduce wastage

Performance Mobile

Target mobile and tablets users on the Mediabrokers network. Perfect fit for maximum reach on mobile devices or to promote your mobile app by tracking and optimising to the lowest cost per download / usage.

Performance Video

We bring performance to video campaigns with our extensive reach made of \Electric Media Video, Ad inventory and external video ad exchanges. We optimise using video real-time technology to deliver maximum awareness (views), engagement (clicks) and performance (sales).

Performance Social

We combine our data profiling and retargeting on the Facebook Exchange to get the best out of your Facebook ad campaign. We apply a multi-layer optimisation strategy which focuses on ‘likes’, engagement or conversion.